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Working Families Party Needs Another 1,200 Registered Members by August

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The Oregon Working Families Party will no longer receive automatic ballot access starting in August 2016, unless it increases its registration by approximately 1,200 members. The party is working to accomplish that goal.

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The Oregon Working Families Party was so committed to Bernie Sanders that its staff called and emailed the party’s own members asking them to re-register as Democrats — so they could vote for him in the May 17 primary. Sanders won Oregon, 56 to 44 percent. Now the union-backed minor party needs those former members to return.

Under Oregon law, minor parties can maintain their ballot status (the right to run candidates in the general election) in two ways. They can show that at least half a percent of the electorate is registered as members. Or they can field a candidate who wins at least 1 percent of the vote in a statewide election. Oregon Working Families Party hasn’t run a statewide candidate in the last two general election cycles, so if it wants to be on the ballot this November, it has to have at least 10,825 registered voters by Aug. 10.

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Peace & Freedom Party: Remembering Israel Feuer (1930-2016)

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From Casey Peters at the Peace & Freedom Party:

Israel Feuer

Israel Feuer

When I first joined the Peace and Freedom Party in 1971, Israel Feuer was already a fixture. He rubbed some people the wrong way because he was constantly referring to the party’s registrants and saying that the central committee was making decisions arbitrarily. He also often abstained on votes about issues that many people thought were important, and so irked them. But I rather liked Izzy (as he was known then). He was not doctrinaire and so gave a great deal of thought to what he was doing rather than to follow the “line” of a particular faction.

If anything, Israel was of the “Green” persuasion, because environmental concerns and the effect of public policies on the planet was of utmost concern in his consciousness. He was Southern California’s founder of Ecology Action in 1968, presaging the now ubiquitous Earth Day.

A colleague from Peace and Freedom Party, John Donohue, who got the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for United States House of Representatives several times, said that Israel was a most valuable person to have about when P&FP was newly on the ballot, as his experience in the 1948 Progressive Party gave him the knowledge of what was required and allowed by the state of California. Israel had a hand in drafting the Peace and Freedom Party section of the Elections Code that passed the state legislature to become law in the early 1970s.

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D.C. Statehood Green council candidate wins straw poll

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Green Party DC LogoFrom Green Party Watch:

G. Lee Aikin, a District of Columbia Statehood Green Party candidate for the D.C. council, won the D.C. Tenants’ Advocacy Commission straw poll in her at-large race. Aikin finished second behind Democrat Robert White; the top two candidates were declared victors in the top-two race.

There are eight declared or potential candidates in the race. In the straw poll, Aikin topped the two incumbents — one Democrat, one independent — who are seeking re-election.

William Weld Wins Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nomination

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William Weld has won the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nomination on the Second Ballot. The first ballot saw Weld just 9 votes short of receiving the nomination.

No candidate achieved the majority on the first ballot so a second ballot was required. Due to Dearn receiving less than 5% of the vote, she was excluded from the second ballot. Dearn then endorsed Weld. Additionally, both Coley and Grayson withdrew their names and endorsed Sharpe, though due to the late nature of Grayson’s withdrawal, his name will remain on the ballot as a valid candidate.

The second ballot results broke down as follows:
William Weld: 441
Larry Sharpe: 409
Derrick Grayson: 9
Mark Steward (Write-In): 1
NOTA: 12

A total of 872 votes were cast on the first ballot.

The first ballot was as follows:
William Weld: 426
Larry Sharpe: 264
Will Coley: 93
Derrick Grayson: 48
Alicia Dearn: 29
Daniel Hogan (Write-In): 1
Austin Petersen (Write-In): 1
Gary Johnson: 1

A total of 869 votes were cast on the first ballot.

Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Presidential Nomination

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Gary Johnson has won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination on the Second Ballot. The first ballot saw Johnson just 5 votes short of receiving the nomination.

The second ballot results broke down as follows:
Gary Johnson: 518
Austin Petersen: 203
John McAfee: 131
Darryl Perry: 52
Marc Allan Feldman: 18
Derrick Grayson (Write-In): 1
Michael Shannon (Write-In): 1
Kevin McCormick (Write-In): 1
Rhett Smith (Write-In): 1

A total of 925 votes were cast on the second ballot.

The first ballot was as follows:
Gary Johnson: 458
Austin Petersen: 197
John McAfee: 131
Darryl Perry: 63
Marc Allan Feldman: 58
Kevin McCormick: 9
Derrick Grayson (Write-In): 1
Heidi Zeman (Write-In): 1
Ron Paul (Write-In): 1
Vermin Supreme (Write-In): 1

A total of 925 votes were cast on the first ballot.

The party nominates its Vice-Presidential candidate in a separate nomination process. This will occur later today, along with the election of new officers for the party.

Green Party responds to Stephen Colbert’s repeat of the “spoiler” myth

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From the Green Party Website:

Why did Gore lose in 2000? Because 13% of Florida Democrats voted for Bush, GOP vote obstruction in Florida, and a biased Supreme Court ruling

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party responded to Stephen Colbert’s repeat of the “Nader spoiled” accusation during the Wednesday, May 18 broadcast of “The Late Show” on CBS, chiding the talk-show host for parroting a baseless Democratic Party propaganda myth.

“When you look at the actual numbers in 2000, it becomes clear that the spoiler allegation is the Democratic equivalent of the right-wing fringe belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” said Paul Pipkin, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and Green candidate for Congress in Texas, 20th CD ( ).

Greens also corrected Mr. Colbert on his claim that Bernie Sanders “is now being courted by the Green Party to join their ticket” and noted that it would be nearly impossible, legally and logistically, for Mr. Sanders to launch a new campaign after the Democratic nomination. The Green Party has its own candidates for the Green presidential nomination ( ).

Greens have, however, invited Mr. Sanders to help promote the Green Party as a permanent independent alternative to the two corporate-money parties. Mr. Sanders has not responded.

“We know why Al Gore lost to George W. Bush in 2000. He lost because Florida GOP officials conspired with Choicepoint and allegedly obstructed between 50,000 and 90,000 voters, most of them Black; because Mr. Gore demanded a recount in only three counties instead of the entire state; because a biased Supreme Court decision handed Mr. Bush the White House; and because Democrats in the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Mr. Bush’s questionable victory,” said Audrey Clement, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

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U.S. Senate Poll for California

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On May 26th, a PPIC Poll was released for the California U.S. Senate race. The results are as follows:

Kamala Harris 27%
Loretta Sanchez 19%
Tom Del Beccaro 8%
Ron Unz 6%
Duf Sundheim 3%
Someone Else 6%
Don’t Know 31%.

Source: PPIC Statewide Survey. May 2016 – Question 13.

The poll only included the two Democratic candidates, Harris and Sanchez, and the three Republicans, Beccaro, Unz, and Sundheim. No third-parties or independents were included. This poll mirrors others that have suggested the November race will have only two Democrats on the ballot, with no write-in space.

Huffington Post Carries Interview with Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Nominee

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The Huffington Post has this interview with Darrell Castle, Constitution Party presidential nominee.